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30 NOV 2023

Lugano Showroom
New Opening

At the beginning of November, the prestigious Italian company opened its showroom in Lugano, in Via Trevano 15, which is added to a network of stores spread in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

When you enter Rugiano showroom in Lugano, you will be greeted by an atmosphere of elegance, which highlights Rugiano’s collections: bedroom and living area furniture of great character, with a sapient and original use of noble materials.

The atmosphere changes and takes visitors to a refined private room as they descend the stairs to the lower floor. Here, luxury is not just a visual concept, but it results in a sensory experience. This is the real lounge area, modern and fashionable.

It is with this intent that the wonderful room dedicated to the sample cabinet is conceived: all materials, with which Rugiano produces its own refined pieces, are collected and accurately catalogued here. It is in this room that the clients become protagonists by being able to touch the quality of the products closely and giving vent to their creativity.

The lower floor is thus turned into a sanctuary of bespoke luxury, where the clients become an integral part of the creative process, thanks to the guidance of expert designers who support them in every step of the way towards the most consistent and elegant choice to create the design of their dreams.

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